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Boost Your Practice is a dedicated agency that specialises in Google ads  for Manual Therapies and Treatment Technologies

Google Ads are a hassle-free and affordable way to consistently attract new,
perfect-fit patients

(and you don’t have to spend much to know if it’s working)

You are in the right place if… 


✅ Your own calendar is all booked up, and you want to fill the calendar of a new team member, or…


✅ You’re frustrated that your competitors appear consistently higher than you on Google, or..


✅ You need new patients NOW, but your website needs updating and you’re not sure what to tackle first, or


✅ You’ve invested in shockwave, laser therapy, or a treatment technology and your clinic needs a reliable supply of suitable enquiries quickly

Our agency can help you if……

👍 You’ve never run ads before, and have no idea where to start

👍 You’ve set up ads months go but you’re not sure if they’re working (or if you’re wasting money) 




👍  You’d like a review of your Google ads and an up-to-date strategy going forwards

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First, what’s your profession?

  • Chiropractors

  • Osteopaths

  • Shockwave Therapy/Laser

  • Injection Therapies

  • Physiotherapy

  • Podiatry

  •  Dermatology

  • Sports Therapy

Our unique approach to Google Ads yields high-quality inquiries and stretches your budget further

We use “condition-based marketing” to help you find patients who aren’t just browsing, they’re ready to book services now. No more wasting money on highly competitive keywords that don’t yield inquiries from ready-to-book patients. 


We offer first class follow-up coaching to ensure that those new inquiries actually turn into patients. Our work goes way beyond just running your ads. 


Your ads strategy will be tailored to your practice and your area. We’ll even create high-converting website pages that deliver enquiries, phone calls and online bookings straight to you. 


We will never run ads for your competitors. Our Unfair Advantage Clause means yours is the only clinic in your area that we’ll work with. 



We’re experts in your industry. Our founder Nicola McLennan was an Osteopath for 20 years and has over 10 years of experience helping practices like yours grow with Google ads. We only work with Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Podiatrists. We’ve developed and refined our service to get the best results from the fast-changing space of Google ads.

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Here’s what clients are saying about the difference we’ve made in their clinics

"Really positive return on investment"

It's bringing in really good enquires ready to book in. A really positive return on investment only a few weeks in.

Confident now that this was a good investment for the practice.


Peter, Osteopath, London

"I Cannot Recommend Them Highly Enough"

“We were not getting the return on investment that we expected on the SWT machine that we expected. In fact, most people visiting the clinic were unaware that we had introduced this equipment to the practice.

Nicola and her team solved this for us. They have significantly increased the number of ideal clients to the practice as a direct result of these campaigns.

If you want to get the return that you deserve for the significant investment in a SWT machine then I cannot recommend them highly enough. You are regularly kept up to date with the performance of your campaigns and you know exactly what each enquiry costs.


Paul, Physio, Australia


"Having invested in new treatment products in the clinic, we needed a way to get the word out.

Delighted that we consistently get over 5/6 times the return on investment sometimes more." 


Stephen, Podiatrist, Ireland


 We go so many enquiries, we struggled to keep up with them initially. 

Have had 2 occasions this year we have been so busy I had to ask Nicola to turn the marketing off for a few weeks because we couldn't fit new patients in. 


Lisa, Osteopath, UK

"All in one solution For Healthcare Practices - it’s amazing!"


We wanted to increase patient numbers at our osteopathy clinic.

Nicola and her team provide an all in one solution for osteo’s, physio’s or similar healthcare practice.  I’ve wasted thousands of dollars on other things that didn't work, but with Nicola’s industry knowledge being an osteopath who has run a practice and now an Adwords expert, she is able to tailor campaigns perfectly to our industry. Nicola has been amazing. If it wasn't for her and this program, our clinic wouldn't be where it is now - looking to hire more osteopaths because our current ones are all busy.


Cameron, Osteopath, Melbourne

"Nicola McLennan is the real deal - she knows Google back to front and is guaranteed to setup and optimize your complete Google advertising campaigns to give you the best chance of success online"


Paul Wright, Health Business Expert and Mentor

I am a podiatry and physiotherapy clinic owner based in Cork Ireland. 

Within 3 weeks of working with Nicola, my marketing spend had dropped by 70% +. This means I was getting 3-4 times more leads for the exact same spend as before. I have been working with Nicola now for several years and my conservative return on my marketing spend is 400%. 

If you are like me a small clinic owner then I cannot recommend Nicola highly enough.


Lorcan, Podiatrist, Ireland

Got questions? Here are a few you might be asking.

“Is there a long contract?”

Nope, cancel anytime. Just give us 30 days notice.

“My website isn’t great, can Google ads still work for me?”

When you work with us we’ll build any website pages you need for your ads to be successful, so if your website needs work it doesn’t matter at all.

“How much do I need to spend on ads to see results?”

How much you spend on Google ads is totally up to you. Our starter program is ideal for small clinics with a lower budget. Most practices will break even if they book just one patient per month, though most of the practices we work with book well above that.

“I’ve tried Google ads before and it didn’t work. How is this different?”

There are many, many reasons your ads might not have worked, and that’s something we’ll talk about when you book a call. Our Condition-Based Marketing system is a unique way that we can help you attract ready-to-book patients in niche markets, which cuts down on ad costs and attracts better quality inquiries. It’s likely very different from what you have tried before.

“How do I know if it’s working”

We have a watertight conversion tracking system that shows you exactly where new patients are coming from, so there’s no need to ask, “Are my ads working?” You’ll know it’s working because we’ll tell you the exact cost of getting a new patient, and you’ll see them walking through the door.
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What’s the first step?

Whether you are new to running ads and curious if Google ads could work for you or have been running ads for a while and need some help, a Google strategy call is your first step. 

Simply fill in the form below and you’ll be sent to a calendar to select a time to chat. The call is free, no obligation and will take less than 30 mins.

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