I get it…

When it comes to fixing back and necks you are on it! No problem!

But you would like to crack getting a reliable supply of new patients into your practice… even if it's for your team, so you could afford to reduce your clinical hours.... And you know - enjoy life a bit more??

I get it .... and have been there myself!

I graduated as a Registered Osteopath in 2002.  I jumped straight into setting up my own practice and a year later got a loan and bought a list from one of my principal's that was retiring. 

I got involved with sports injuries and absolutely loved it and got very busy very quickly. I decided to take on an associate, because that's what busy clinics do right? I took on a great candidate, put him in the diary and couldn't figure out why his list never really took off and why he left within a year.  

I decided it must be because patients only wanted to see me, so the answer was to just work longer hours.

Trouble was, the more I extended my diary, the more booked up I became, and of course, I was returning patient calls, cleaning the clinic, doing the laundry and the accounts and administration myself.

A few years later, I was working with patients until 9pm four nights a week and I was miserable. 

This wasn't fun anymore ... I was starting to resent all these patients with their bloody aches and pains and then decided I must just be turning into a bad person for thinking that way.

I then discovered 2 things: 

1) Burnout - relief, I wasn't a bad person, I was getting burnt out from long hours, squeezing too many patients into a day and putting my patient's well being before my own. 

2) My clinic wasn't a business - every aspect of my clinic relied on me, so my clinic was my "job", only my job offered no sick or holiday pay and required long anti-social working hours. 

These two things added up to really awful stress - medication for migraines, rushing back to clinic after a family funeral to treat patients, not sleeping, celebrating a patient cancelling with a nap on my treatment couch and being incredibly short-tempered with loved ones because I was miserable and tired all the time.

I made it my mission to figure out how to build the clinic up, reduce my hours and learn how to properly take advantage of digital marketing.

I invested thousands of hours, learning about creating systems, time management, Google Ads, clinical systems and most importantly implementing what I learnt.  I spent more than I was paying on my mortgage on courses, programs and coaching. 

Result? - I sold my clinic for more than 10 times what I paid for it.

Since selling my practice, I trained and certified to become a business coach and developed a unique program to help other clinic owners do the same…Earn More and Work Less... 

Interested in working with me to get your practice from where it is now to where you would want it to be?

There are 3 ways to work closely with me

1. Practice Growth Academy

Our leading program for health professionals shows you how to use Google, Facebook and online advertising to a get a reliable supply of new patients into your practice

... and achieve it in just 60 minutes a month!


- Practice Growth Modules each month giving you step by step video training on how to effectively use online marketing

- Practice growth support calls to get help, support and feedback every month

- Practice Growth Toolkit - includes a resources area of past Practice Growth Modules and our popular Tech Tank video series.

Checkout Practice Growth Academy

2. Practice Growth Accelerator

This program gives you the step-by-step help and support, to grow your practice into what YOU want it to be!

How do we get you from where you are now to a profitable and thriving practice?

When you sign up for Practice Growth Accelerator, we are going on a journey together, you, me and 7 other practice owners.

We are going to move you to where you want to be in terms of profitability, patient numbers, working hours and a reliable supply of new patients.

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3. One on One Business Coaching

For busy health professionals looking for more personal one to one help to:

  • grow their business,
  • increase profits,
  • be more productive
  • but most importantly get their life back!
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