AI Replacing Physios πŸ€”...This will get you more new patients

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2024

I recently came across an intriguing article about AI being used for MSK injury triage instead of traditional referrals to a physiotherapist ( click here to read ) You've probably received countless emails on how AI can grow your practice, but did you know that AI in healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors for OpenAI?

Here’s why: AI excels when trained to perform specific tasks. In this case, it processes patient information and asks precise screening questions, already outperforming GPs in creating highly accurate differential diagnoses for MSK problems.

No surprises there, right? ‍ Hands up if you’d like a dollar/pound for every patient whose doctor wrongly diagnosed them with a frozen shoulder...while you watch them demonstrate full range of motion?

Another article detailed a pilot where patients interacted with a digital physiotherapist. The results? 4 out of 5 reported improved symptoms, and 57% found it a better experience than an in-person...

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Ethical Recalls

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2024

I was speaking to a clinic owner yesterday who left a practice growth program because he disliked the tactics being taught.

Our conversation turned to the subject of recalls, and he physically recoiled and immediately declared he didn't want to use them. Curious, I asked why. He shared that he thought recalls were misleading and salesy.

It turns out we had our wires crossed. He’d previously been advised to have his team call patients and leave a -

“I need to speak to you urgently” message.

When patients called back, they were told it was important they come in for a check-up or top-up appointment.

Needless to say…please don’t do this.

I teach a program called Master Recalls, where most practices see their recall rebooking rate increase by 2 or 3 times—without:

Misleading voicemails

Pressure to rebook

Gaining an awful reputation in your area

Instead, we foster:

Rebooking the majority of patients who might need further treatment...

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Clinic Need an Oil Change?

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2024

Clinic Need an Oil Change?

Antidote for Quiet Diaries

On Wednesday I’m holding my most popular workshop

Practice Growth Made Easy - Where we will explore if your clinic needs an oil change

When I work with clinics struggling to elevate their practice, they often face one of three main issues. The first is what I call "Marketing Mechanics." For many clinics like yours, life would be easier if you could secure a reliable supply of patients. To achieve this, you need several effective marketing methods.

You might be thinking, "I know that, Nicola!!! But what kind of marketing and how?" That's where I’ll be getting my spanner out to help you figure out the right marketing fit for you and your practice.

If you're willing to show up and roll your sleeves up on Wednesday evening, I’ll help you make a clear plan to achieve:

  • Filling the increasingly common quiet patches in your diary
  • Getting your team’s diary from half-empty to brimming over with happy patients
  • ...
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Is Running A Practice Getting Harder or Are We Looking in the Wrong Direction

Is running a practice getting harder? Or are we looking in the wrong direction??

In my conversations with practice owners in the last few years, a theme has been emerging, especially among those in the business for more than 20 years.

I frequently hear that things have changed:

there’s more competition,
marketing has become more techy and complicated,
things haven’t bounced back since the pandemic,
associates don’t want to work as hard.
Things have changed... although some not as quickly as I’d like. Raise a hand if you’d like to ban skinny jeans, anyone with me? ‍

There have undeniably been huge changes and enormous challenges for practice owners.

At times like this, though, it can be helpful, David, to focus on what hasn’t changed AND what’s NOT going to change in the next 10 years.

People are still going to experience injuries and conditions that you can help with... which is why you started your practice in the first place, right? In...

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Get More Patients From Google in 2mins

google newpatientsfast Mar 29, 2024

You probably haven’t checked this in a while, but it’s worth 2 minutes of your time as I guarantee it will get more new patients into your practice.

When people are searching for what you offer in your area, there's likely more than one keyword that will lead them to your practice on Google.

For example, "Osteopathy and Cranial Osteopathy," "Physio and Shockwave Therapy," "Osteopathy and Pregnancy Massage."

This will, of course, vary depending on the products and services you provide, but for most practices, there will be at least two keywords.

Ready for the 2-minute job?


Log into your Google Business Profile and read through your business description.

Odds are, you wrote this years ago and either didn’t consider the keywords mentioned above or have added services since then.

Go ahead and make sure those keywords are right there in your description. If you offer other services like sports massage or shockwave therapy, add them as a product/service. This is...

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5 Simple Ways To Prevent Seasonal Drop Off in Your Practice

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2021

If you are having trouble with number 3 or 5 and you'd like help, send an email to:

[email protected] 

with the subject line "I'm Ready"

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Recruitment headaches

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2021
Free workshop - Weds 8th 8pm BST
Biggest recruitment mistakes that cause stress, disappointment and burnout
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Why clinic owners must be their brakes checked

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2021
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Green shots for clinics still trying to hire…

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2021
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Struggling to hire an associate? Job ad getting crickets?

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2021

To get access to Social Media Summer Camp which includes How to Use Linkedin For Hiring, head to and get access for just £1

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