Ethical Recalls

Jul 08, 2024

I was speaking to a clinic owner yesterday who left a practice growth program because he disliked the tactics being taught.

Our conversation turned to the subject of recalls, and he physically recoiled and immediately declared he didn't want to use them. Curious, I asked why. He shared that he thought recalls were misleading and salesy.

It turns out we had our wires crossed. He’d previously been advised to have his team call patients and leave a -

“I need to speak to you urgently” message.

When patients called back, they were told it was important they come in for a check-up or top-up appointment.

Needless to say…please don’t do this.

I teach a program called Master Recalls, where most practices see their recall rebooking rate increase by 2 or 3 times—without:

Misleading voicemails 🚫

Pressure to rebook 🚫

Gaining an awful reputation in your area 🚫

Instead, we foster:

Rebooking the majority of patients who might need further treatment then and there ✅

Getting consent to send a recall ✅

Explaining why it's coming, when, and what to do when they receive it ✅

This approach takes you from an awkward and uncomfortable, “Why did you say it was urgent?!” to a much more positive, “You really know your stuff. I started feeling my back a week ago and then I got your text, how did you know?”

If you aren’t sending recalls because you’re worried about feeling salesy, stay tuned for my next email. I'll be sharing more about patient-centered recalls that are personal and don’t sound automated.

Speak soon,


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