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Finally Help is Available for Overwhelmed Healthcare Business Owners

Who are Frustrated and Confused About How to Generate a Consistent Flow of High Quality New Clients

Does this describe YOU? - If so you are in the right place!

  • You are worried your practice is getting left behind because your competition is winning on Google?
  • You are sick and tired of conflicting advice and ultimate winning strategies, only to find out - "No, that's out of date, that doesn't work anymore"
  • You have lost confidence in marketing because the stuff you tried in the past was expensive and just didn't work
  • You understand how important online marketing is but feel overwhelmed and just don't know how to get started
  • You are using online marketing and want to scale it up but don't have the know how
  •  You just want a reliable steady flow of new patients so you can grow your business but without splitting the atom or breaking the bank to achieve it!

Then you have come to the right place.


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A community packs with busy clinics owners wanting to improve their business and marketing skills.

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Boost Your Practice exists to Educate, Support and Inspire You to Grow Your Practice

Here's What We Do - 4 Ways To Grow Your Business πŸš€πŸš€

Option 1 - Free Courses

Our current free course is:

How to Master Google My Business for Practice Success.

It is quick and easy to follow and takes you through step by step and click by click.

Non techies welcome!


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Option 2 - Practice Growth Accelerator

Our leading program for health professionals shows you how to use Google, Facebook and online advertising to a get a reliable supply of new patients into your practice


- Practice Growth Modules each month giving you step by step video training on how to effectively use online marketing

- Practice growth support calls to get help, support and feedback every month

- Practice Growth Toolkit - includes a resources area of past Practice Growth Modules and our popular Tech Tank video series.

Checkout Practice Growth Acclerator

Option 3 -Β Google ads for Healthcare

For super busy practice owners who just want someone to do their Google Ads for them.

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Option 4 - One on One Business Coaching

For busy health professionals looking for more personal one to one help to:

  • grow their business,
  • increase profits,
  • be more productive
  • but most importantly get their life back!
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Why I Can Help You

Nicola McLennan, Osteopath, Google Nerd and Certified Business Coach

I set up Boost Your Practice to help busy and ambitious healthcare business owners, build the business and lifestyle they dream of for them and their family.

The thing is, most health practice owners are amazingly skilled clinically but almost clueless when it comes to how to grow a business in the 21st Century world of websites and social media. 

When I setup my practice, all you generally did was :

- Pop an ad in the yellow pages.

- Heavily rely on word of mouth.

- Maybe do an ad in the local paper if you really wanted to splash out!

But in the last 20 years the world has changed.

Nowadays word of mouth is all about online reviews and social media.  They stopped printing the yellow pages in 2017 and countless local papers have closed.

The resources at Boost Your Practice present modern strategies, that are effective and tried and tested in the healthcare industry. 

They will help you get your healthcare business where you want it to be.

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Want to learn How to : 

  • Increase your Google presence in your local area
  • Massively boost where you appear on searches and increase your new patient numbers
  • Get featured on Google Maps and nudge your competition into lower spots!
  • Start getting new clients / patients quickly and easily without setting up an "ad" campaign

All without spending a penny on advertising.


Try our Free course: How to Master Google My Business For Practice Success 


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