DID YOU KNOW: Online Marketing is NOW the Single Most Powerful and Effective Way to Market ANY Business

Yet the Vast Majority of Health Business Owners Are Frustrated, Confused, and CLUELESS About How to Generate a Consistent Flow of High Quality New Clients Using the Internet...

Does this describe YOU?

  • You are worried your practice is getting left behind because your competition is winning on Google?
  • You are sick and tired of conflicting advice and ultimate winning strategies, only to find out - "No, that's out of date, that doesn't work anymore"
  • You have lost confidence in marketing because the stuff you tried in the past was expensive and just didn't work
  • You understand how important online marketing is but feel overwhelmed and just don't know how to get started
  • You are using online marketing and want to scale it up but don't have the know how
  •  You just want a reliable steady flow of new patients so you can grow your business but without splitting the atom or breaking the bank to achieve it!

That's why your team needs - Boost Your Practice.

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Why is Online Marketing Such a Challenge for Healthcare Providers?


  • You receive amazing technical clinical training at Uni but next to no training when it comes to how to promote yourself online.
  • You are time poor, running a healthcare practice often means wearing many different hats from book keeper to reception to cleaner and you just don't have time to figure out digital marketing.
  • Advertising standard policies in your industry make it very hard to promote treatments that you provide.
  • You just don't enjoy it and would rather focus on your patient / client centred work, that's why you got into the profession, in the first place.

Where Does Boost Your Practice Come In? Well we exist to Educate, Support and Inspire You to Grow Your Practice

We show healthcare providers like dentists, podiatrists, osteopaths, physios and massage therapists how to master all things Google.

So Why Focus On Google?

Well . . . it's all about Timing!

Firstly, how many times today did you "google" something? 5 . . 10 maybe? Hard to say, right?

Also Google have just relaunched their Google Place and Adwords products.  The new Google My Business and Google Ads platforms are now more powerful and user friendly than ever.

And let's face it, there is no form of advertising that compares, to putting your clinic in front of somebody that is actively searching for the services you offer.

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  • Increase your Google presence in your local area
  • Massively boost where you appear on searches and increase your new patient numbers
  • Get featured on Google Maps and nudge your competition into lower spots!
  • Start getting new clients / patients quickly and easily without setting up an "ad" campaign

All without spending a penny on advertising?


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