⚠️ Attention Overwhelmed Clinic Owners  ⚠️  
You are missing out on new patients, revenue and profits because you are not marketing your practice online...because you don't know how to...

That's Why You Need Practice Growth Bootcamp 

The Leading Monthly Coaching Program for Health Professionals Which Shows You How to Use Google, Facebook and Online Advertising to Get a Reliable Supply of New Patients into Your Practice 

... and achieve it in just 60 minutes a Month!

Discover What's Included

Does This Describe You?

  •  You are worried your practice is getting left behind because your competition is winning on Google?
  • You are awesome at your clinical work but feel held hostage by technology in your practice?
  • You are sick and tired of conflicting advice and ultimate winning strategies, only to find out - "No, that's out of date, that doesn't work anymore"
  • You have lost confidence in marketing because the stuff you tried in the past was expensive and just didn't work
  • You understand how important online marketing is but feel overwhelmed and just don't know how to get started
  • You are using online marketing and want to scale it up but don't have the know how
  •  You just want a reliable steady flow of new patients so you can grow your business but without splitting the atom or breaking the bank to achieve it!

 Watch to the video below to find out more about Practice Growth Bootcamp


Practice Growth Bootcamp

At Practice Growth Bootcamp We'll Give You Easy Actionable Steps Each Month to Grow Your Practice...

in just 60 minutes a Month

Practice Growth Bootcamp Includes  🚀🚀

New Bootcamp Training Every Month

To help you keep your clinic business progressing month after month, new content will be available on topics such as:

  • how to add £1000s to your clinic's bottom line without spending a penny on ads
  • how to turn website visitors into new patients
  • the secrets to digital marketing for health professionals.

New for Feb - How to Instantly Generate More New Patients from Your Current Marketing

All delivered in bite-size actionable steps - designed specifically for busy health professionals to be able to consume quickly and get results.... in just 60 mins a month!

Monthly Coaching Calls With Nicola McLennan, Osteopath and Entrepreneurs Circle Certified Business Coach

Feeling stuck and unsure what action to take to grow your practice? Got a question about a Bootcamp session? Need help or feedback?

Get YOUR questions answered on these super focussed group coaching calls and get to know your fellow bootcampers.

This is your chance to:

  • brainstorm
  • troubleshoot
  • get personal feedback and input on your marketing efforts.

There is only one rule on these coaching calls - There is no such thing as a silly question!

If you can't attend a coaching call, no problem, there's a replay.

It's the Single Best Way to Secure the Future of Your Practice and Keep Getting New Patients Consistently Month after Month

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All Inclusive



No contract, cancel anytime.


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But Wait... There's More!

Bonus #1 

Instant Access to Full HD Recording of The Bounce Back Practice Challenge

How to Survive the 2nd Wave and Recession-Proof Your Practice

The step by step guide to sustained growth and your own recovery battle plan that includes:

  1. Six Secrets Clinic Owners Must Know to Thrive Post Lockdown
  2. Three Vital Changes to Clinic's Marketing - to Get a Reliable Supply of New Patients Post Lockdown
  3. Three Steps to a Constant Supply of New Patients - How to Harness the Power of Google
  4. How to Guarantee Practice Success Post Lockdown

You'll get access to the full training and a workbook to help you implement what your have learnt ✅ 

Feedback for the Bounce Back Challenge:

" Wanted to say thank you ...after the bounce back challenge.  I implemented your suggestions 3 times today and all 3 times resulted in appointments booked!!!" Anita, Podiatrist

Bonus #2 -  Full HD Recordings of Social Media Summer Camp 2020

Finally master social media for your clinic with this step by step training.

 You'll discover:

  • a simple but effective test to transform your social media posts
  • the biggest mistake costing clinic owners £$1000s every year on FB and instagram
  • advanced strategies to get a regular flow of new patients into your practice
  • long term engagement strategies that your patients will love
  • 2 big changes in facebook and what to do with them.

This sells for £99, but is free and included when you join Practice Growth Bootcamp.

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Meet Your Coach

Introducing Your Coach Nicola McLennan, Osteopath, Google Nerd and Certified Entrepreneurs Circle Business Coach

I set up Practice Growth Bootcamp to help busy and ambitious healthcare business owners, build the business and lifestyle they dream of for themselves and their family.

The thing is, most health practice owners are amazingly skilled clinically but almost clueless when it comes to how to grow a business in the 21st Century world of websites and social media. 

When I setup my practice, all you generally did was :

- Pop an ad in the yellow pages.

- Heavily rely on word of mouth.

- Maybe do an ad in the local paper if you really wanted to splash out!

But in the last 20 years the world has changed.

Nowadays word of mouth is all about online reviews and social media.  They stopped printing the yellow pages in 2017 and countless local papers have closed.

The resources at Practice Growth Bootcamp present modern strategies, that are effective and tried and tested in the healthcare industry. 

They will help you get your healthcare business where you want it to be.

Everything You Need to Know About Why Practice Growth Bootcamp is a Non-Brainer for Smart Switched on Clinic Owners... in Less than 3 minutes and 10 secs


The Practice Growth Bootcamp Satisfaction Guarantee

(This has literally never happened ). If you're not 100% happy with the quality of the information and training inside Bootcamp, then let us know and we will refund your money.

No problem.

Just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your money.

That's how confident we are that you'll absolutely love the group coaching with Practice Growth Bootcamp.  

Stop Just Surviving... Let's Get Thriving!🚀🚀

The Elephant in the Room: Covid 19 and Your Clinic 

I know what you're thinking ....

Now's not the right time....

Practice Growth Bootcamp was set up during the current crisis to be a port in the storm for practice owners worldwide struggling to navigate through these challenging times.

In doing so it became clear to me just how many practice owners were just "getting by" before Covid hit and how many since reopening where saying "we can survive like this for a while".

That's also why I have included instant access to the Practice Bounce Back Challenge.  A battle plan for recovery and sustain growth.

There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and your practice ... to step up get some help shoulder to shoulder with other practice owners

... to say goodbye to the same old problems in your business 

... to stop being held hostage by technology and get the help and know how that you need!


What Practice Owners Are Saying

I couldn't be happier

So many excellent ideas. And not just the usual vague suggestions, Nicola gives step by step guides on how to actually do this stuff. It’s sensible, practical and all within our professional ethics.

Sandie Thorkeldsen, Chiropractor

Just Join!

Excellent, very clear, very helpful to help and full of sensible advise as long as you keep to it. Join!

Laurens Holve, Osteopath

Nicola Gives Us So Much

"Nicola gives us so much content and value and I've learnt a lot from her and my business marketing strategy has grown a lot from it." 

Lucy Dawkins, Sports Therapist

5 Stars From Me

"Nicola really knows her stuff. She approaches problems with an analytical drive, thinks strategically and has demonstrable success in delivering results. Five stars from me." 

Stephen Small, Clinic Owner

Absolutely Worthwhile

"Digital marketing has allowed us to reach people who otherwise would not have heard about our clinic by word of mouth alone.
The investment is absolutely worthwhile, and when you have great guidance and support from Nicola it all becomes easy to implement."

Robert Grech, Osteopath

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Bootcamp training?

A: Each and every month new Bootcamp training will be available to our Practice Growth Bootcamp members online.

All sessions are in video form and are broken down into bite-size actionable steps - designed specifically for busy health professionals to be able to consume quickly and get results.... in just 60 mins a month!

Q: Will Practice Growth Bootcamp work for me?

A: Whether you are a solo practitioner or a large clinic owner with a team it doesn't matter. If you need to get a reliable supply of new patients in your door, whether for yourself or for your team you will learn how at Bootcamp.

The only limiting factor is your own ability to implement what you learn at Bootcamp in your clinic BUT that's what the coaching calls are for, so you can get the help and support you need. 

Q: What happens if I have questions or need support?

That's exactly what the monthly group coaching calls are for. Hop on the next call and Nicola will personally answer your question.

Can't make the call? Submit your question in advance and check out the replay - which is timestamped so you can go straight to your question. 

Q: What will happen after I join?

A: When you join Practice Growth Bootcamp, you'll be able to create login details to the Bootcamp members area.  This is where you'll find all of the video training, resources and previous call recordings. You will also receive an email confirmation of your Bootcamp purchase for your records.

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