Need a Steady Reliable Flow Of New Patients Into Your Practice?

Use our Unique Google Ads for Osteopaths Course - Fully Updated for the 2019 Google Algorithm Update

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What You'll Learn

✅ The Most Common Mistakes Most Osteopaths Using Google Ads Make and How to Avoid It

✅ How to make your website Google friendly, an essential first step!

✅ How to make your website people friendly, so they feel confident you are the practice for them.

✅ Tried and tested techniques that work for osteopaths, saving you masses of time and money!

✅ The single most important strategy that guarantees Google Ads Success.

✅ A step by step, click by click guide on how to build a successful campaign in Google Adwords.

✅ How to optimise your Adwords campaign to eliminate wasted clicks and reduce your budget!

Also included for a limited time:

A one on one 30 minute Google Ads Strategy Call With Nicola.

During your call we will:

  • Take a look inside your Google Ads account and help you optimise it
  • Give you help and advice on how to get the most out of your budget, so you can get more new patients and spend less!
  • Cut any waste that could be costing you thousands.
  • Make sure you are on the path to a steady reliable flow of new patients into your practice. 

Counts as learning with others CPD.

Is this course for you?

This course is for you if:

  •  You are an osteopath looking to expand your business by gaining a reliable and steady flow of new patients into your practice.
  • You have tried Google Ads but found you were spending too much money with poor results.
  • You think Google Ads is a bit too complicated for you.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by digital marketing and worry your practice will get left behind
  • You outsource your marketing and would like to learn where your money is going.
  • You are not techy and feel you would need a step by step guide.
  • You are short of time and just want to know what works and get started!

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