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I founded Nicola McLennan and Associates in 2003, treating a wide variety of patients. I worked with the Gaelic Athletic Association in London, which began a career long interest and passion for sports injuries.  Over the years this clinic evolved into IDD Osteopaths, with a great team of 3 associates working with me. 

I am focussed on providing exceptional care for patients and mentoring the associate osteopaths who work with me.

I have 16 years of experience as a health professional, and along my years of experience i have also gained some marketing expertise, and i have explored a wide range of marketing techniques, online and offline.

I am a self confessed Google nerd.  Why Google? Well, I think there is nothing more powerful that being able to put your practice in front of somebody, that is actively searching for the service you provide.   After becoming Google Certified - I decided to create this website, so there is an online resource for other osteopaths and health professional, to share all the information and lessons I have learnt over the years about growing a successful practice!  


Nicola McLennan

Founder of Boost Your Practice



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