How to easily get more word of mouth referrals … via a lot of chocolate

Jul 29, 2021

I arrived home from a busy work trip a few days ago and was absolutely delighted to open up a huge parcel that was waiting for me.

It was the most enormous and decadent box of chocolates photographed above.

Unfortunately...not a lovely surprise gift from my husband.

It was in fact, a thank you present for a referral I had given to another professional.

Now, I am a very, very fussy about who I recommend my clients to work with, to get help and support and professional services for their practice. 

On this occasion, this particular professional had sent me this enormous, box of chocolates as a thank you for the word of mouth recommendation. 

A lot of businesses have to spend a significant amount of money to get new business in the door... and word of mouth can be an absolute treasure trove to your practice.

Especially, if you choose to take the time to nurture it.

As I often say, simple things done well can be transformative for your business.

But often when you've been working on your own for a long time, you take your word of mouth for granted. 

So when you add team members and can't figure out why are they not getting the same degree of word of mouth as you are, this simple step can really help. 

A thank you a message, thanking people for sending their auntie, their uncle, their postman, along with to your clinic can go an awfully long way.

When was the last time you sent out a thank you and could this be something that would dramatically boost your team members' quieter lists by putting in a thank you system for all word of mouth inquiries received?

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